Our Mission

To give you the luxury of letting go. Let go of the late nights and stolen moments spent trying to research your vacation. Let go of the uncertainty over whether you’ve picked the best option for your family. Let go of the stress of having to navigate language barriers, time differences, and unexpected travel hiccups all on your own.

Because when you trust it all to C Pinnacle Travel, your vacation starts the moment you reach out to us. We not only elevate your escape, we make every aspect effortless for you.

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, We’re Christina and Penny!

We founded C Pinnacle Travel after successfully running our own travel agencies for a collective 10+ years. We decided to join forces—and scout out other fantastic travel specialists to join us—because we believe a team of experts makes for a better vacation.

All About Expertise

In fact, our advisors are experts in two things. The first is specific travel experiences—we’ve recruited travel advisors who hold a deep, first-hand knowledge of their travel “subject,” like cruising, destination weddings, or resorts. Our advisors are obsessed with their corner of the travel world, and our clients reap the benefits. Instead of a surface-level, cookie cutter trip, you can expect to get the “inside scoop” on your destination, as you revel in unique, hand-picked experiences most other tourists miss out on.

But knowing travel inside and out is only half the equation.

The other thing we’re experts in?

Your passions, your preferences, your long-held travel dreams. What will make your vacation a total win ... and what you want to stay far away from. Our goal is to build a relationship with our travel clients, so each new escape we design for them is more deeply personalized than the last.

Because it’s your vacation, after all. So let our team create an incomparable escape that’s as one of a kind as you are.




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Punta Cana


Punta Cana





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Comprehensive vacation design by C Pinnacle Travel

Discover the incredible difference expert design & responsive support can make to your next escape. Our dedicated travel specialists use their insider travel knowledge and exclusive industry connections to craft creative escapes tailored to you—down to every last detail.

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